Van Soest

About Van Soest

It all begon in 1948 when sir van Soest senior started a cooling company for apples and peres in Kesteren. This turned out to be a solid base for future developments and the start of van Soest Chami-Mer. In 1989 the company started with freezing and processing champignons. In the following years the company expanded en built multiple halls and some new production lines. Anno 2017 Champi-Mer is processing 20th ton of champignons per hour and are the world leading company on deeply frozen champignons and other products with champignons. 

What kind of installation?

Van Kempen koudetechniek has realised for van Soest a central ammonia installation, this installation can cool and freez. Connected to this installation are: a cooling room, a freezing room, a falling film cooler and a freezing tunnel. This freezing tunnel is being used for the freezing of 10.000 kg champignons per hour. 

The whole installation is being controlled by our own developed VK-Dynamics controller

Realisatie: 2019