Airco & Climate

Van Kempen Koudetechniek not only provides refrigeration units for products, but we also create a pleasant climate for people, whether at home, at the office, in shops or in food service establishments. We create the perfect climate for your needs.
A pleasant temperature cannot be described on paper. It needs to be experienced and felt. We offer that very possibility at the Van Kempen Airco Centre in Tiel, a fully equipped showroom with various climate control systems. The temperature and noise level can be experienced in practice. Today’s climate control systems have an attractive design, are compact and environmentally friendly.
It is a proven fact that people perform at their best within a very limited range of temperatures and humidity interval. Too hot, too cold and too humid air distracts us, we lose our concentration and our work suffers as a result. Climate control creates a pleasant living and working climate and lets you feel perfectly at home in any environment.
The use of energy-efficient and noiseless technology in the air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems make your surroundings exceptionally comfortable. Climate control systems are used in millions of homes, offices, shops and food service establishments.
The Van Kempen technology used not only creates the ideal living temperature, but also a pleasant humidity level. Climate control is your solution for the future in every way.