About Us

Ever since the foundation of the company in 1947, Van Kempen Koudetechniek has been a leading specialist and all-round partner in the field of cooling technology. VK installs cooling solutions in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, the logistics sector and the food industry.

Expert knowledge of products and processes is essential and it is precisely in this area that Van Kempen excels. Our longstanding experience and policy of continuous innovation
makes Van Kempen your perfect partner for cooling technology, both nationally and internationally.
The link between a precisely controlled climate and optimization in terms of low energy and servicing costs
is an explicit aspect of our common objectives. Whether you require advice or a long-term plan for
effective maintenance, we are the right partner for you!

In-house VK disciplines:

  • Concept development & design
  • Cooling technology
  • Cell construction
  • Process technology and automation
  • Air-conditioning
  • Service and management.


VK is a specialized installer in the field of industrial cooling and freezing systems. All aspects of engineering
and planning are handled by highly competent project teams. All the projects are prepared to the greatest
degree possible in our workshops in order to minimize the work required on site. We are able to create three dimensional drawings inhouse in order to determine the optimum layout for the equipment rooms and pipe runs. All our plant complies with statutory Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) regulations and all other national/ European directives and legislation.

VK specializes in:

  • Industrial cooling and freezer applications
  • Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) fruit storage cells
  • Freezing and thawing tunnels
  • Temperature control in warehouses
  • Vacuum cooling
  • Conveyor, plate and spiral freezers.
  • Flow-Ice systems
  • Ripening chambers
  • Air treatment and climate control systems
  • Cold and heat energy storage.

Van Kempen Koudetechniek can draw on extensive in-house experience and expertise when designing and engineering cooling and freezing systems of all types. These vary from direct systems, for example direct expansion or pump circulation systems, to indirect systems, which use a refrigerant/cold transfer agent to remove heat. Over a period of many years, VK has acquired a great deal of experience with various cascade systems that use an ammonia carbon dioxide (NH3-CO2) solution.

The use of this natural refrigerant satisfies the requirement for refrigerants that do not directly contribute to
the greenhouse effect. Furthermore, the use of natural refrigerants achieves energy savings of approximately
25% in comparison to HFC-based refrigerants. Further benefits are that their use is encouraged by the availability of state subsidies and that no restrictions are expected in the future.