R&M Forwarding

R&M Forwarding is a specialized fruit forwarding company with a no-nonsense approach.

R&M Forwarding offers a complete package of services, because logistics is much more than just transport! We take care of air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, transport and warehousing (storage). Because the entire logistics chain is under our own management, we can work quickly and efficiently.

This year R&M Forwarding opened a new warehouse in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands. Of the 3 hectare they possess, is around 15.000 m2 built. In total R&M Forwarding has a cooling capacity of 10.000 pallets.

Van Kempen Koudetechniek has realized a Ammonia/CO2 installation, with a cooling capacity of approximately 1900 kW. With this, two expeditions are cooled.

The following places are being cooled: a space for cleaning the casks, 14 large cooling cells, a packing room, 7 smaller multifunctional cooling cells and a drying cell. The drying process in this cell is being  done by the heating recovery of the installation.

There is also a production cell, in this cell packed products are being docked for a while. This place and the places mentioned above are having ventilation. Controlling of the cooling’s are being done by our own VK-Dynamics.