New installation for Van Blijderveen Fruit

About Van Blijderveen Fruit

Van Blijderveen Fruit is located in Ingen, a small town in the middle of The Netherlands. The region called 'De Betuwe', is known for its fertile area for fruit growers. The company is more than a decade active in the branch. The apples and pears who are on 65 hectares ground are not enough for the international market which they want to provide with quality fruit. That's why they have built a network of fruit growers and other businesses.

Van Blijderveen Fruit delivers mostly hard fruit such as apples and pears. The fruit is of the highest quality and from lower classes. But in most occasions exactly what the client asks. In the summer season they deliver mostly fruit such as strawberries. Van Blijderveen Fruit has also their own transportation. After the harvest the fruit is getting cooled, sorted, packed and transported.

The installation

The intstallation is a system provided with a natural refrigerant, wherefore Van Blijderveen Fruit is ready for the future and takes its responsibility for a cleaner environment. It is a CO2 DX installation for 7 trade cells to stock apples and pears. The installation is for replacement of multiple simple systems who functioned with synthetic refrigerant (HFK's and HCFK's). The installation is controlled by VK-dynamics software developed in-house at Van Kempen. Where we always strive to the best cooling achievenment and have lower energy costs. The cooling cells are phases recoupled onto the new installation to do not disrupt the daily operation of Van Blijderveen Fruit as much as possible.

Realisatie: 2020