De Groot International

About De Groot

Since the 1930s, De Groot International has been presenting itself as a partner for trade and retail with a specialized assortment of fruit and vegetables. The company has four conditioned locations in the Netherlands and in Belgium with a total of 40,000 square meters of floor space.  A worldwide representation in production countries ensures a continuous supply of products of the highest quality.

De Groot International has built up a strong international reputation over the years. They import fruit and vegetables from approximately 50 countries and export them to approximately 30 countries.  

The implementation

The installation is fully equipped with natural refrigerants which means De Groot International is committed to the future and responsibility for contributing to a clean environment. De Groot International is a central NH3/CO2 installation for cold stores, packing center, shipping and incoming goods. The primary cold demand is also equipped for various banana ripening cells. Everything is controlled by VK-Dynamics software developed in-house at VK. The aim is to always achieve the best cooling performance at the lowest energy costs. Residual heat from the installation is reused as much as possible for office heating and defrosting the coolers.

The most special part of this project is the visual aspect. The engine room is equipped with a fully glass front with a view of the A2. Especially in the evening with the lights on, this is a technique that is worth to be seen. In addition, a walkway is provided in the halls behind the coolers, giving a wonderful overview of the products that are being cooled. The final result is something to be proud of for every who has been involved in this project!