Central ammonia installation at cooling centre Zederik B.V.

About Cooling centre Zederik

Cooling centre Zederik has three modern locations through The Netherlands, to cool fresh products and storage them in the same time. With a strong combination of passion, knowledge and technology they can guarantee you the quality of your fruit throughout the whole year. If you just want to storage your fruit or also select the fruit, arrange the transport or let Zederik take care of your whole stock, at cooling centre Zederik everything is possible. Thanks to their service department you can focus on your core business; to grow or sell your fruits.

The installation

The installation is a system provided with a natural refrigerant, wherefore cooling centre Zederik is ready for the future and takes its responsibility for a cleaner environment.The central ammonia installation is made for 9 storage cells, 4 order picking cells, an expedition place, 2 transhipment cells, a cooled space and a ripen cell for bananas, avocados and mangoes. This can also be used for drying ginger. Everything is controlled by VK-dynamics software developed in-house at Van Kempen. Where we always strive to the best cooling achievement and have lower energy costs. The residential heat of the installation can be reused for the heating of the office or for drying at the ripen cell. This project is realised in a short time by the building contractor, wherefore Van Kempen with a tight planning and the needed efficiency realised this project.

Realisatie: 2020