Ammonia installation at Elburg Foods

About Elburg Foods

Elburg Foods is a self-sufficient, independent, private label+ producer of high quality convenience chicken specialties. The family company has over more than 40 years' experience in product preperation. Elburg Foods has access to their own fully automated processing capacity, the newest machines, cooling/freezing storage facilities and means of transportation, all equiped entirely in accordance with the latest European conditions and guidelines.

The installation

Van Kempen Koudetechniek has implemented a central ammonia installation. This will be for the freezing tunnels. The first tunnel wil be ready in October 2019, the second one in June 2020 and there is a possibility to realize a third tunnel. The freezing capacity is 1350 kW, which means that Elburg Foods can produce and freeze 6000 kilograms of snack product per hour.

What so special is about this project is the machine frame. This is made prefab in our manufactory in Tiel, The Netherlands. The size of the machine frame is 16 x 4 x 4 meter, which is the biggest machine frame we made prefab in our manufactory. Besides that, we warm in total 100 cubic water and the residual heat from the installation is reused as much as possible.


The project started in July 2019. The first freezing tunnel was ready in October 2019, the central ammonia installtion was ready in February 2020 and the second freezing tunnel will be ready among June 2020.

Realisatie: 2020